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All’s reasonable crazy and roller derby

All’s reasonable crazy and roller derby

Jess Archer, electronic reporter for the internet’s hottest lesbian mass media system, has been allotted to research cuffing, from an up close and private perspective. She’s unsure it is this lady thing, although task provides the girl the chance to write anything larger than the woman normal nonsense components. All she needs now is a willing lesbian.

For Cody Dawson, enrolling in Jess’s job try a good investment. She extends to date a fascinating girl, enjoy the lady business, and never disrupt the neat existence she is built for their boy. Anything’s ideal until she initiate slipping for Jess. Whenever she understands she is heart-deep inside feelings she actually is consented to not have, their unique convenient plan turns out to be far from.

Ice on Wheels

That’s Riley Fauchet’s motto, until an innovative new task countries this lady at the same company-and for a passing fancy team-as the woman competing Brooke Landry, the chilled jammer when it comes down to gigantic Easy Bruisers.

Greener Pastures

Audrey Adams should do everything on her behalf aunt Ernestine. Whenever Ernestine endures a swing, Audrey takes a leave from her fast-track CPA career to care for their. Merely Ernestine’s interest farm requires extra tending than the individual by herself. Audrey’s bitten off far more than she can chewing, or pick, or herbal, or… How might one create craft farming, anyhow?

Input the girl next-door neighbor Rowan Marshall, the beautiful cider creator. Rowan’s only too pleased to visited Audrey’s rescue. And that’s all well and close until Audrey understands Rowan’s angling to purchase the orchard that makes up more than half of Ernestine’s pride and pleasure.

It isn’t a long time before a hesitant truce brings option to an intimate spark and causes Audrey to really make the most significant choice of the girl lifetime.

Opposites Bring In

In An Epiphany in bamboo by Meghan O’Brien, small-town waiter Maisie Davis resolves the puzzle of the woman sex after an urgent encounter with a good looking stranger seated within the corner booth of Moe’s okay Diner. Aiden Crane opens Maisie’s body and mind to interesting newer possibilities-but can she find the guts to check out their cardiovascular system?

In practice Her contribute by Aurora Rey, project capitalist Jude Benoit is known as Majesty of Artemis, brand-new Orleans’s premier lesbian Mardi Gras procession and ball, and enlists the skills of private dance instructor Gabriella Viard to truly save the girl from creating a trick of herself. Jude can proceed with the strategies, but what takes place when Gabby challenges the girl to guide together cardiovascular system?

Within when you are by Angie Williams, Dylan Fleming is a self-confident and capable lady in most means except the stereotypical tips the lady ex-girlfriend think she need. When the lady insecurities obtain the much better of her and she fumbles on a date with breathtaking automobile auto mechanic Carrie Grice, Dylan must let go of days gone by. Can she accept that the woman is appreciated just as she’s?

Your Once Again

Kate Cormier think she’d love Sutton Guidry permanently. But when you worst decision finished products, she shifted, constructing a life for by herself along with her child. Nowadays, she rarely thinks about dozens of ambitions. Until Sutton appears, acting like she never left and looking more gorgeous than ever.

Sutton has actually spent ten years steering clear of their hometown, thoughts of basic like, therefore the lady who broke the lady cardiovascular system. She’s constructed a career, nevertheless the existence that goes with it leaves the lady uninspired. When the lady dad needs procedure, she determines coming where you can find let him retrieve is an opportunity to deal with those spirits for good. However with so many items of the girl lifetime still there-including Kate-it’s tough not to envision attempting once more. Can she discover a way to get all of them along without slipping aside all over again?

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