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Website hyperlink Checker checks internet sites for busted backlinks

Website hyperlink Checker checks internet sites for busted backlinks

Truly a free user-friendly link examiner appliance that will help you keep up with the precision of website links on your site. This program will allow you to conveniently locate busted website links and website links containing syntactic errors. SiteLinkChecker will hunting your site, screening each back link it finds and report the status of each hyperlink.. download free of Website back link Checker 1.3.5, proportions Kb.

ISAPI Address Mapper Filtration newObjects

ISAPI URL Mapper Filter is actually a filtration that will function under private online Server to be able to offer you the opportunity to do have more than one site. It identifies the various websites by her hostnames and maps all requests, associated with the offered website, to a physical place regarding server.

There are 2 schemes of mapping (read below concerning. Free download of ISAPI URL Mapper filtration, dimensions 0 b.

IziSEO SoftFactum Ltd.

IziSEO is a straightforward desktop SEO spider that examine your online webpages like search engines and easily place prospective and critical difficulties with your web web site, instance: – damaged links; – lost photographs, CSS, JavaScript and type actions links; – lowest keywords density; – exterior website links without nofollow; – pages that load as well. Free download of IziSEO, size Mb.

Site Backlink Analyzer Data Wiper

Websites reciprocal back link tracking device searches drive back link, coffee software connect, damaged link as well as additional hyperlinks of advertisers internet site on writers webpages instantly. Backlink analyzer electric helps enrich internet based popularity of consumers website with page ranking on various search-engines. Weblink checker applications checks web sites backlink on. Download free of internet site Backlink Analyzer, size Kb.

Quickly Back Link Examiner Lite WebTweakTools

Fast back link examiner Lite is actually a free of charge and simple to use energy that inspections a niche site for damaged website links. It starts checking links through the specified Address and processes all discover pages on the internet site until all website links were checked. Although, quickly hyperlink examiner Lite permits checking hyperlinks for a passing fancy webpage with the website, it’s easy to look into the entire site for broken. Freeware get of Fast Link examiner Lite, size 9.03 Mb.

IISKeeper 2.3 Metamatica Applications

If you wish to restrict entry to some files and files on your own website or make some facts inaccessible to your majority of users on the site, Metamatica pc software provides an easy and effective remedy: ISAPI defense filter for IIS.

With IISKeeper, it’s easy to shield any sources of your site with a password. A. download free of IISKeeper 2.3, dimensions 2.11 Mb.

Free Back Link Checker 4.3 Control-F Research Systems

Free hyperlink examiner is actually a pc freeware appliance that does busted back link check. Your indicate a starting Address for cheekylovers reddit checking as well as the connect validator program locates lifeless backlinks, incorrect HTTP redirects and other trouble on a web site or just one website. A broken back link report is actually supplied after recognition. The look for busted links could be recursive, hence. Freeware download of Free hyperlink examiner 4.3, dimensions 1.94 Mb.


The ColdLink iis isapi filtration or apache module transparently maps and rewrites safeguarded urls dynamically in realtime within every web page served from your own site. Your site consistently work generally, even though the web pages are linked from search engines or any other websites. Consumers may even store your website for later on return considering that the page will contain latest. Download free of COLDLINK 1.03, proportions Kb.

SharePoint Cross-Site Search 4.1.1221.2 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd

Look Up details from Different internet in One webpages CollectionCross-Site search enables you to lookup and take details from any webpages in a niche site collection, brings find-as-you-type efficiency towards lookup area, and filters items displayed from inside the search field per a see described when you look at the supply record (the list the knowledge is actually. Download free of SharePoint Cross-Site search 4.1.1221.2, size 1.16 Mb.

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